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Updated July 15, 2015

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Hélène Aji, Antoine Cazé, Agnès Derail-Imbert & Clément Oudart (dir.), H.D.’s Trilogy and Beyond (Nanterre : Presses Universitaires Paris-Ouest, 2014)— Reviewed by Nicholas Manning, Université Paris-Sorbonne 2

Muriel Barbazan (dir.), Énonciation, texte, grammaire : De la linguistique à la didactique (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2013)—Recension de Marie-Christine Deyrich, Université de Bordeaux 2

Hilary Beckles, Britain's Black Debt : Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide (Kingston (Jamaica): University of the West Indies Press, 2013)—Reviewed by Paul E. Lovejoy, York University, Toronto (Ontario) 2

Carine Berbéri & Monia O’Brien Castro (eds.), 30 Years After : Issues and Representations of the Falklands War (Farnham: Ashgate, 2015)—Reviewed by Neil Davie, Université Lumière Lyon 2 2

Nick Channer, Writers' Houses : Where Great Books Began (London: Robert Hale, 2015)—Reviewed by Jacques Carré, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Jean-François Cornu, Le doublage et le sous-titrage : Histoire et esthétique (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2014)—Recension d’Anne Crémieux, Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre – La Défense 2

Jeremy Havardi, Projecting Britain at War : The National Character in British World War II Films (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2014)—Reviewed by Melanie Williams, University of East Anglia 2

Marvin Kalb, The Road to War : Presidential Commitments Honored and Betrayed (Washington: Brookings Institution Press, 2013)—Reviewed by Laura Considine, University of Leeds 2

Victor Kiernan, The Lords of Human Kind : European Attitudes to other Cultures in the Imperial Age (London: Zed Books, 2015)Reviewed by Hugh Clout, University College London 2

Françoise Král, Social Invisibility and Diasporas in Anglophone Literature and Culture : The Fractal Gaze (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)—Reviewed by Fernando Galván, Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid) 2

Ian Lowey & Suzy Prince, The Graphic Art of the Underground : A Countercultural History (London: Bloomsbury, 2014)—Reviewed by Georges-Claude Guilbert, Université François Rabelais (Tours) 2

Robin Quinn, Hitler’s Last Army : German POWs in Britain (Stroud: History Press, 2015)—Reviewed by S.P. MacKenzie, University of South Carolina 2

Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy & Mary McAuliffe (eds.), Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland (Sallins: Irish Academic Press, 2015)—Reviewed by Sylvie Mikowski, Université de Reims 2

Hugo Vickers (ed), Cecil Beaton : Portraits and Profiles (London: Frances Lincoln, 2014)—Reviewed by Antoine Capet, Université de Rouen 2

Edward Wakeling, Lewis Carroll : The Man and His Circle (London: I.B. Tauris, 2015)—Reviewed by Laurent Bury, Université Lumière – Lyon 2 2


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