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Updated January 15, 2015

Book Review Editor




Robert I. Binnick (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Tense and Aspect (Oxford: University Press, 2012)—Reviewed by Marc Fryd, Université de Poitiers

Isabelle Boof-Vermesse, Bruno Monfort, Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris & Anne Ullmo (dir.),  Edith Wharton, Terence Davies : The House of Mirth – Les Limites du jeu / The Limits of the Game (Nanterre : Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2014)—Recension de Laurent Mellet, Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès

Rachel Dickson & Sarah MacDougall (eds.), Uproar! The First 50 Years of the London Group, 1913-63 (Farnham: Lund Humphries, 2013)—Reviewed by Charlotte Gould, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3

Ann-Marie Einhaus, The Short Story and the First World War (Cambridge: University Press, 2013)—Reviewed by David Malcolm, Uniwersytet Gdanski (Gdansk, Poland)

Roger Fagge, The Vision of J.B. Priestley (London: Continuum, 2012 [2013])—Reviewed by Cécile Vallée, Université de Rouen

Jean-Paul Forster, Eighteenth-century Geography and Representations of Space in English Fiction and Poetry (Bern: Peter Lang, 2013)—Reviewed by Anne Bandry-Scubbi, Université de Strasbourg

Ariela Freedman, Death, Men, and Modernism : Trauma and Narrative in British Fiction from Hardy to Woolf (London: Routledge, 2013)—Reviewed by Wendy O’Brien, Deakin University, Melbourne

Nora Gilbert, Better Left Unsaid : Victorian Novels, Hays Code Films, and the Benefits of Censorship (Stanford: University Press, 2013)—Reviewed by Ellen Moody, The Victorian Web 2

Flemming Olsen, Eliot's ‘Objective Correlative’: Tradition or Individual Talent? Contributions to the History of a ‘Topos’ (Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2012)—Reviewed by Steve Ellis, University of Birmingham 2


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