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Updated March 15, 2015

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Volker Depkat & Meike Zwingenberger (eds.), Visual Cultures : Transatlantic Perspectives (Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2012)—Recension de Didier Aubert, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 2

Fionnuala Dillane, Before George Eliot : Marian Evans and the Periodical Press (Cambridge: University Press, 2013)—Reviewed by Stéphanie Richet-Drouet, Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3

John Field, Working Men’s Bodies : Work Camps in Britain, 1880-1940 (Manchester: University Press, 2013)—Reviewed by Jacques Carré, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Hilary Footitt & Simona Tobia, War Talk : Foreign Languages and the British War Effort in Europe, 1940-1947 (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)—Reviewed by Alice Byrne, Université Rennes 2

Bénédicte Guillaume, A Corpus-Based Study of SINCE-Clauses in Contemporary English (Toulouse : Presses Universitaires du Mirail, 2014)—Reviewed by Geneviève Girard-Gillet, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 2

Graham Holderness, Nine Lives of William Shakespeare (London: Bloomsbury, 2013)—Reviewed by Charles Whitworth, Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier III 2

Henry Ansgar Kelly, Louis J. Karlin & Gerard B. Wegemer (eds.), Thomas More’s Trial by Jury : A Procedural and Legal Review with a Collection of Documents (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2013)—Reviewed by Isabelle Bore, Université de Picardie–Jules Verne 2

Colin A. Palmer, Freedom’s Children : The 1938 Labor Rebellion and the Birth of Modern Jamaica (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press 2014)—Reviewed by Matthew J. Smith, University of the West Indies, Mona 2

Rebecca Prime, Hollywood Exiles in Europe : The Blacklist and Cold War Film Culture (New Brunswick (New Jersey): Rutgers University Press, 2014)—Reviewed by André Kaenel, Université de Lorraine-Nancy 2

Charles J. Rzepka, Being Cool : The Work of Elmore Leonard (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013)—Reviewed by Marie-Christine Agosto, Université de Brest 2

Christine Sukic (dir.), Corps héroïque, corps de chair dans les récits de vie de la première modernité (Imaginaires 16, 2013)—Recension de Myriam-Isabelle Ducrocq, Paris-Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense 2

Brian Unwin, A Tale in Two Cities : Fanny Burney and Adèle, Comtesse de Boigne (London: I.B. Tauris, 2014)—Reviewed by Isabelle Bour, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 2

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