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Updated  July 15, 2017

Book Review Editor




Peter J. Bailey, The Reluctant Film Art of Woody Allen (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2016)—Reviewed by André Kaenel, Université de Lorraine 2


Xiaoshan Dantille & Corinne Wecksteen-Quinio (dir.), Ici et ailleurs dans la littérature traduite (Arras : Artois Presses Université, 2017)—Recension de Frédérique Brisset, Université de Lille-SHS 2


Clarence Green, Patterns and Development in the English Clause System : A Corpus-Based Grammatical Overview (Heidelberg: Springer, 2016)—Reviewed by Laure Gardelle, Université Grenoble Alpes 2


Delphine Letort, The Spike Lee Brand : A Study of Documentary Filmmaking (New York: State University of New York Press, 2015)—Reviewed by Ryan Engley, The University of Rhode Island 2


Mary S. Lovell, The Riviera Set, 1920-1960 : The Golden Years of Glamour and Excess (London: Little, Brown 2016)—Reviewed by Antoine Capet, Université de Rouen 2


Lynn Pearson, Victorian and Edwardian British Industrial Architecture (Ramsbury (Marlborough): The Crowood Press, 2016)—Reviewed by William Whyte, St John’s College, Oxford 2


Helen H. Mundler, The Otherworlds of Liz Jensen : A Critical Reading (Woodbridge: Camden House, 2016)—Reviewed by Christian Gutleben, Université Côte d’Azur (Nice) 2


Steve Sohmer, Reading Shakespeare’s Mind (Manchester: University Press, 2017)—Reviewed by Sean Benson, University of Dubuque (Iowa) 2


Alan Wilkinson, A Tree Within : Fiona McIntyre (Bristol: Samson, 2016)—Reviewed by Catherine Bernard, Université Paris Diderot (Paris-7) 2


Cal Winslow (ed.), E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left : Essays and Polemics (London: Lawrence & Wishart / New York: Monthly Review Press, 2014)—Reviewed by Evan Smith, Flinders University (Adelaide) 2


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